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Cueva de Ardales – Rock Art Cave In Spain Was Used By Ancient Humans For More Than 50,000 Years

A cave known as Cueva de Ardales or the so-called Trinidad Grund and located in southern Spain was used by ancient humans as a canvas for artwork.

It is also a burial place for over 50,000 years, according to a new study. It was discovered in 1821 when an earthquake opened the entrance to the cave that remained sealed for 3,500 years.

Cueva de Ardales, Spain

Cueva de Ardales, a cave in Málaga, Spain, is famous for containing more than 1,000 paintings and engravings made by prehistoric people, as well as artifacts and human remains.

Since 1823, the cave was opened to national tourism, with some 19th century references to the discovery of fossil human remains. Only in 1918, the famous French prehistorian Henry Breuil recognized the importance of the Cave. He was involved in the study  ofmthe cave art of the Ardales Cave.